Cutie Krystal Messes Her Diaper While Jerking You Off During Your Diaper Change POV

DpMKrystalMessesWhileJerkingUOff DpMKrystalMessesWhileJerkingUOff2 DpMKrystalMessesWhileJerkingUOff3

What a treat it is when this little hottie is gonna change your diaper for you! And she’s gonna take extra good care of you!

She opens your diaper and finds you’re hard as a rock! Well, this little hottie is gonna take extra special care of that, too!

She lubes you up with baby oil and starts working on your cock and makes you feel oh-so nice!

But as she’s working so hard on you she realizes she has to go number 2! And she has to go right now!

Without stopping she leans back and poos it all out, filling her diaper nice and full with stroking your penis!



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