Cutie Little Bailey’s Very First Enema & Release

Cutie Little Bailey's Very First Enema & ReleaseCutie Little Bailey's Very First Enema & Release

Bailey is so nervous!!

Bailey’s never had an enema before. The whole idea of water (or saline solution) up her butt makes her anxious. But Bailey’s a willing kind of girl! 😉

She prepares herself for what’s about to happen. She strips off her Molicare and prepares a Tena Slip Maxi to change into. Funny girl, she thinks it might just leak right out of her once she’s full! HA!

And away she goes! She sticks the nozzle up her butt and squeezes. She continues rather slowly at first while she takes it all in – both mentally and physically. But she progresses. And she takes in every last drop of it.

See? Not so bad…she diapers herself up.

But she sure doesn’t hold it in long! Her facial expressions speak volumes! So cute!! Bailey pushes and pushes and fills her diaper up with her stinky mess. Her reactions to the entire process are just plain awesomeness. It’s like everything about it surprises her! Too cute!!

And what a mess Bailey creates in her diaper!

Super awesome video!!



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