Cutie Little Pervert Alyssa Messes Her Diaper While Playing In The Nursery

DpMAlyssaMessesPlayingToys DpMAlyssaMessesPlayingToys2

Alyssa…what a cute little pervert! HA!

Alyssa’s playing sweetly in the nursery when she realizes she’s gotta go #2. She plays with baby toys as her tummy grumbles.

And then it comes. She poops so funny!

“Grrrr,” she says as she squeezes out a poo.

She grabs Mr Unicorn and cuddles with him for a moment before pooping in his face!

But that’s not enough. She’s still not done. The giant, inflatable happy penis should help her get the rest out! She continues to push.

Then what she does with her penis toy next is extra funny! All while filling her diaper up nice & full…



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