Cutie Pie Olivia’s First Diaper Mess Comes Suddenly! And Its A Huge, Lumpy Mess!

DpMOlivia1stDiaperMessComesSuddenly DpMOlivia1stDiaperMessComesSuddenly2

Olivia is soooo loving diaper play!!! She’s been into age play for a long time and is so happy to be here and playing in the nursery!

She’s playing with various toys and is so cute while doing so! And then out of nowhere she realizes that she’s about to poo.

She turns around and starts to mess. It takes a little bit to get it out and she panics a little as she poos in her diaper.

It eases into her diaper. A LOT! Her diaper grows and grows and grows making a huge, lumpy mess!!!

She whimpers as she messes and struggles to get it all out. What a gigantic mess!!

And her reaction to it is absolutely adorable.


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