Cutie Teen Nikki Messes Her Diaper While Sitting In Natalia’s Lap

Cutie Teen Nikki Messes While Sitting In Natalia's Lap

By request!!

The incredibly hot little 18 year old, Nikki hasn’t messed her diaper all day. Well, Natalia’s going to make sure she does so now!

She gives Nikki a suppository to make it happen. Then she has Nikki crawl into her lap to soothe her while it kicks in.

“But I don’t wanna mess my diaper in your lap!” Nikki says. But Natalia insists.

Soon enough the urge to poo becomes too much. Nikki tries to fight it, she tries to hold it in, but Natalia reassures her to just relax and let it go. Nikki wants to get up to go poop elsewhere but Natalia tells her that she must go poopie right there in her lap.

So Nikki poos. She grunts and pushes as Natalia rocks her in the rocking chair, right in her lap. Natalia congratulates her and encourages her to just let it all out. Nikki continues to push. Her diaper fills nice and full of her poo and Nikki starts to feel so much better already.

And then some more pooping. Natalia continues to rock and encourage little Nikki to get it all out. Don’t worry, she’ll change her when she’s done.



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