Cutie Teen Nikki Watches Herself Make A Great Big Runny Mess In The Mirror

DpMNikkiMessesFLMirror DpMNikkiMessesFLMirror2 DpMNikkiMessesFLMirror3

What a cutie! Little teen Nikki is getting ready to go out and checking herself out in the mirror. She decides that before she heads out for the night she should probably mess her diaper.

She realizes that being already in front of the mirror that this time she can watch herself poop! She likes this idea!

She moves around and tries weird and different positions to try to watch herself poo. Some of them really don’t work at all. HA!

She tries applying pressure to her gut. That usually helps get it out.

It does. Moments later SQUIRT! Her booty releases a huge mess into her diaper!

Now she can finish getting ready to go out! She moves around to check out the mess she’s made in many positions and makes funny faces at herself in the mirror.

Too cute! – Especially watching her tweak her messy diaper! HA!


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