Dakota Gives You An Enema & Jerks You Off Through A Hole In Your Diaper As You Expel It POV


Ohhhh, are you ever in for a treat! And another of your favorite diaper girls, Dakota, is gonna give it to you!

Dakota goes to change your diaper and finds that you haven’t messed at all! It’s been all day! So now she’s planning on giving you an enema but when she opens your diaper she finds that you have a raging hard on! Well isn’t that a little awkward!

Well, you’re just gonna have to take that enema anyway even though you’re as hard as a brick!

She shoves the nozzle up your bum and squeezes it all in. There you go, good boy!

But now what to do about that hard on? Well, she’s gonna have to get that diaper on you nice and tight so the enema doesn’t leak anywhere but that’s a little hard to accomplish when you have this giant bulge poking all the way out the top of your diaper!

Good thing she’s a quick thinker in this situation! She grabs some scissors and cuts a hole in the front of the diaper just in the right place to get your dick poked through it. Now that’s better!

She grabs some baby oil and lubes up your hard cock as it sticks through your nice, think, tight diaper. She starts to stroke your hard dick so nicely. Feels sooo goood, doesn’t it? Oh yeah…

So now you can hold that enema and all that cum building up inside you all at the same time. But which do you think is gonna pop first?

Excellent video!!!


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