Dakota Makes A Huge Mess In Her Diaper While Chatting On The Computer

DpMDakotaBigMessChattingComputer DpMDakotaBigMessChattingComputer2

Dakota has a new diapered friend that she’s chatting with online. They’re both diapered and enjoying their time “together”.

Dakota has a surprise for him. She has to poop! And she’s gonna talk to him all the way through the whole process.

She poops and poops and poops! A huge bulge forms in her diaper! And it just keeps growing so big!

It feels so good coming out & tells him all about it.

Her lucky diapered friend is sure enjoying hearing about it, and Dakota’s loving sharing her experience with him!

So much poop!!! And Dakota can’t resist but to play with the big bulge in her diaper.


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