Dakota’s Made To Mess Her Diaper While Hogtied

DpMDakotaMessesHogtie DpMDakotaMessesHogtie2

Dakota’s been a naughty girl. And as punishment she’s left on the floor in a hogtie. But that’s only the beginning of this punishment.

Natalia’s shows her what’s next. A mini enema. And Dakota does NOT want to do this! Too bad, it’s happening anyway. That’s what she gets for back-talking!

Dakota begs to be let go so she can at least sit up to poo. It’s so bad in this uncomfortable position! But there’s no way that’s happening either.

Eventually Dakota poos and makes a great big, squishy mess in her diaper. She grunts and struggles as she pushes it all out. Maybe next time she’ll learn her lesson.


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