Diaper Boy Gagged, Leashed, & Made to Crawl

Diaper Boy Gagged, Leashed, & Made to Crawl

Oh, and spanked! I spanked that diaper boy, too!

Diaper boy Taylor Dawn is someone I like to play with from time to time when I travel to his town. He just loves a good diaper punishment! I like boys like that… =D

In this fun little diaper video my little diaper boy gets this big, obnoxious gag with a fun little leash attachment. I order him to the ground where he has to crawl around for me. And I keep him on his short leash…I take my riding crop to him, I even climb on his back & ride him around the room a little. I make him show his diaper off in front of the window so everyone can see my sissy little diaper boy. And then I spank him… I felt he needed a good spanking with my vicious paddle…which ended up destroying the diaper a bit. Naughty Taylor…


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