Diaper Girls’ Slumber Party! Mandy, Sunshine, & Indica Come Over & Diaper Each Other

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WOOT! WOOT! These three gorgeous babes have been enjoying their day together and now they come back to the nursery for the highlight of the day! They’re going to diaper up and have a fun diapered slumber party!

They are so much fun and full of liveliness as they get excited for their diapered time together! They just can’t wait to get out of their day clothes and into diapers…as they’ll remain all night.

Each one of them chooses their favorite diapers that they want to start out in and decide that they’re each going to get diapered by the other two girls – because that’s what friends are for and really, one of the many bestest things about diaper play! Getting diapered by others!

These girls are so cute as they transform once they’re diapered. Gotta love it!!!

And this is just the beginning of their super fun night…


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