Diapered Sleepover! The Girls Get Punished For Pooping So Much & Sitting In Their Messy Diapers – Then They Keep Pooping More!

DpMMandySunshineIndicaCaughtMessyTiedTogetherPunish DpMMandySunshineIndicaCaughtMessyTiedTogetherPunish2

The girls are so tired of pooping practically non-stop for about 24 hours now and they’ve gone through so many diapers! Now they’re exhausted & just lounging around in their messy diapers and hating the idea of changing their diapers AGAIN!

Natalia comes in and immediately notices the thick smell. The girls won’t stop complaining and Natalia is just sick of their excuses. That’s it. Now it’s time for punishment.

Natalia uses a rope to tie them back to back to back in their messy diapers then leaves the room. As soon as Natalia walks away they immediately start fighting! The roll all over each other struggling against the binds and they are definitely NOT working together in this!

More pooping happens which in this position is absolutely priceless! And it gets even better when their diapers start leaking…


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