Diapered Sleepover! The Sleepy Girls Continue To Mess Their Diapers & Decide To Just Sleep In Their Messes

DpMMandySunshineIndicaKeepMessingB4BedSleepInIt DpMMandySunshineIndicaKeepMessingB4BedSleepInIt2

The girls are so sleepy and are ready for bed when they comment that they STILL have to poop some more!!

They’re actually really liking the feeling of laying in their messy diapers though 😉

They all mess and fart and mess some more! Farting and pooping and farting and pooping…every few minutes they have to mess some more! That laxative tea is SO potent!!!

But they’re too sleepy to change their diapers again tonight. They may as well just sleep in their messy diapers and change each other in the morning.


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