Diapered Teen Hotties: Nikki Makes Katarina Mess Her Diaper For The First Time

DpMKatarinaNikkiSupp1stDiaperMess DpMKatarinaNikkiSupp1stDiaperMess2

Nikki’s been sitting in her messy diaper for awhile now and wants Katarina to mess her diaper too. Katarina insists that she doesn’t have to go yet. Nikki can be very convincing though.

Nikki convinces Katarina that she definitely needs to get her poo out as quickly as possible and Katarina becomes eager to mess her diaper. Nikki gives her suppositories to make it come out.

It works! The suppositories take effect quickly and Katarina makes a huge, smelly mess in her diaper.

Katarina’s never messed in a diaper before and quite likes the experience. Her reaction is great!

These teens are so cute together!


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