Diapered Teen Krystal’s Very First Enema & Release

DpMKrystalGivesHerself1stEnemaNRelease DpMKrystalGivesHerself1stEnemaNRelease2

Little Krystal has never had an enema before. But she’s willing to try it out!

She comes in with her extra large bottle and takes a great pose as she fills up her bum. Her face expressing every bit of surprise she has as she feels her bum filling up with the saline solution for the very first time. She was definitely not expecting that!

But it doesn’t stop her. She fills herself up nice and full, emptying the bottle inside her. She puts on a nice, thick Abena to capture her mess. Then PUSH!

Her diaper quickly starts to fill with everything she had sitting inside her bowels. She fills it and fills it, creating a nice dark brown stain in the back of her diaper.

Ohhh, it makes her feel so sexy! She has no idea it was gonna turn her on so much to make such a huge mess inside her diaper!

Her reactions are incredible! Watch her go from nervous to downright sexy and flirty as she fills her diaper up full!

Awesome video!



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