Diapered Teen Nikki Messes As She Plays On The Playground

DpMNikkiPlaysNPoopsPlayground DpMNikkiPlaysNPoopsPlayground2 DpMNikkiPlaysNPoopsPlayground3

Oh! Time for a fun day with little Nikki playing on the playground diapered!

It’s a good thing she’s diapered, too. She has to poo and with the wonderful freedom of being diapered she doesn’t need to interrupt her fun on the playground with bothering to go to the restroom. Oh no. That’s one of the great perks of being a diaper lover! Nikki just takes a moment to squat down and make a big, bulging mess.

She checks out the mess she made in her diaper & continues on with her fun! Nevermind the passersby!

Great teen public diaper messing video!!


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