Emily Gets Pranked By Her Roommate With An Enema & Diaper While She’s Passed Out & Wakes Up To Herself Messing Uncontrollably

One of my new, personally favorite videos! The looks on little Emily’s face are absolutely priceless!!!

Emily had a little too much fun while out with the girls last night and now she’s passed out cold. Her roommate, Natalia, comes in to check on her and finds that she is just not waking up for anything! Well, now it’s time to play a nice, fun, little prank on Emily!

Natalia leaves the room and finds a large enema and a diaper. Emily is so out cold that she barely even flinches as Natalia reaches behind her and pulls back the blankets and her lingerie to expose her cute little bum.

Natalia slowly slides the enema nozzle up Emily’s butt hole and squeezes the contents out, emptying the entire large sized enema into Emily’s rectum.

It’s a little challenging getting the diaper on her while she’s passed out but she manages. Then Natalia steps out of the room and waits for the fun to happen on its own!

Emily is woken up suddenly to herself pooping!!! She’s so dazed and confused by what’s happening that she just starts pooping and pooping and pooping! She can’t make it stop!!

She struggles with her sleepiness and her uncontrollable messing and she has no idea really what’s going on! She just keeps messing!

She passes back out, super messy diapered butt up in the air and she’s not even sure if she’s done yet!

Oh, it’s gonna be a rough morning for little Emily for sure!!!

Fantastic video!!!


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