Emily Masturbates And Cums So Hard She Messes Her Diaper!

DpMEmilyMasturbFloorMessesBrownOrgasm DpMEmilyMasturbFloorMessesBrownOrgasm2 DpMEmilyMasturbFloorMessesBrownOrgasm3 DpMEmilyMasturbFloorMessesBrownOrgasm4

OH MY GAWD what a HOT video this is!

Emily’s wearing nothing but her Molicare and is feeling extra frisky. She’s so sexy as she starts to rub and touch herself all over before slipping her hand inside her diaper.

And it feels sooo good! She moans and groans as she pleasures herself. And dang is she ever HOT!!!

Her sweet titties jiggle as she rubs her pussy harder and harder. Her moans grow more and more intense and she grabs her nipples. Ohhhh yeahhhh.

She really gets into it. “Oh I’m getting close!” She cries out. And soon after she brings herself to an incredibly intense orgasm! So intense, in fact, that she poops! A LOT!!! Just as she cums a brown spot appears then quickly spreads across her diaper! It is INTENSE!!!

“Holy shit!” She cries out, “Oh man! I just pooped my brains out!” She says as she realizes that she’s made a huge mess in her diaper as she came! She giggles. Emily loves this so much.

Fantastic video!!!


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