Emily Slips Into A Diaper And Wets It Before Going Out

Emily shows up to Natalia’s unexpectedly in hopes to get diapered before she goes out for the day with girlfriends. However, nobody’s home when she gets there. Oh well, she’ll just diaper herself!

She picks out a nice thick diaper to help her make it through her day and hikes up her skirt exposing her bare booty before she lays down to put her diaper on. She can’t wait to feel it’s comfort throughout the day! She lowers her skirt back over her diapered butt and rubs herself feeling that oh-so exquisite feeling of the diaper beneath her clothing, knowing that she’s going to be out all night in it and filling it throughout the evening.

She can’t wait. She wets it immediately! Ohhhh the look and sounds of pure pleasure she has as her diaper fills up is perfect!

She cherishes the moment and feels it all over before she heads back out to meet her friends!



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