Emily Suddenly Makes A Huge, Lumpy Mess In Her Diaper While Playing

DpMEmilyUhOhMessesPlayingToys DpMEmilyUhOhMessesPlayingToys2

Little Emily is having so much fun giggling and hanging out in the nursery when that oh-so familiar urge hits her. She has to poop! And Emily being the messy diaper lover that she is she quickly seizes the opportunity.

She turns around, bends over, takes a deep breath, and PUSH! You can very clearly see the diaper expand and fill up as the poopies fall from her diapered bum and into the diaper.

More and more and more! She just keeps pooping!

Finally when she’s done she peeks inside to see the mess she’s made. She’s so proud! Now she gets to enjoy playing in it.

Happy times!


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