Emily Unexpectedly Poops In Natalia’s Lap & Gets Punished For It

Emily Unexpectedly Poops In Natalia's Lap & Gets Punished For It

Let’s play Ride A Little Horsey!

Natalia and Emily are having fun. Natalia’s bouncing Emily on her knee (making Emily’s very large titties bounce all over the place!) and having a great time when Emily decides now is the best time to poop. She suddenly starts grunting and pushes out a big, smelly mess into her diaper right while sitting in Natalia’s lap!

It doesn’t take long before Natalia realizes what’s going on. She’s initially really surprised but once she checks and asks Emily about it, Emily just giggles and bounces in Natalia’s lap some more.

Well that’s it! You can’t just poop in Natalia’s lap and expect to not get punished for it! Its time for a good, old fashioned over-the-knee spanking with a hairbrush.

Emily’s sure not easy to punish since she enjoys a messy diaper so much! HA!

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