Emily Wakes Up & Messes Her Pampers

Emily Wakes Up & Messes Her Pampers

Two great camera angles to double your viewing pleasure! =)

Emily’s fast asleep in her pampers for a nice daytime nap when the urge to poo awakens her. But she’s sooo sleepy!!

The groggy Emily knows what she has to do. Good thing she’s wearing a diaper so she doesn’t even have to crawl out of bed to do it! Instead she moves to the foot of the bed to get her business done.

And PUSH! Her nose wrinkles so cutely as she makes the mess in her diaper. She struggles a bit to get it all out.

Ugh! She’s way too tired still to change her diaper now. She flops around a little and gives the camera quite a sight as her boobies jiggle all about as she rolls around in her messy diaper before going back to sleep!

What a cutie!!




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