Emily’s Enema & Hitachi Challenge…Will She Poop Or Cum First? (She Wets Too!)

Emily decided to challenge herself. It’s a bit of an experiment. She wants to know if she gives herself an enema and uses a hitachi on herself, would she mess before or after she orgasms.

Take a guess…

She grabs a saline enema bottle and fills her bum up with the fluid. She moans and whimpers as she fills herself up…so sexy!

Then she quickly straps herself into a Tena Slip Maxi and takes the hitachi to herself. The fluid inside her makes everything so intense!!!

Watch her cum! Watch her mess! Listen to it squirt inside her diaper uncontrollably! She even pees too because she just can’t control anything with all this intensity going on! You’ll have to watch the video to see what order they happen in though.

Try it yourself and post your results in the comments!


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