Emily’s Enema Release In The Cradle…And Then Some…

Emily's Enema Release In The Cradle…And Then Some...

So many things happening in this video!

Little Emily has received an enema then had a very large butt plug shoved up her ass so she couldn’t mess yet. She was then diapered and put into the cradle where she’d have to wait to mess.

Well, sometimes things don’t go as planned.

The sense of urgency was way too much for little Emily. And perhaps there was too much lube on the butt plug. In any case, “Oh my god, it’s coming out!” Emily cries!

Natalia scrambles to get the cameras on to capture the moment. And what an awesome moment! The expressions on Emily’s face are just too great for words. She’s surprised by her sudden mess, and … well, there’s more….

First, the buttplug was still in her ass when she started to release her enema. And the pressure of it pushing against her diaper as she’s pushing her poo out, well, as soon as she would stop pushing it would re-enter and go right back up her ass! So essentially, she was getting fucked in the ass with the huge buttplug while she fills her diaper with her runny mess! This continues over & over until she finally reaches back and pulls it out. And the looks on her face as this is going on? Priceless…

A very messy diaper…awesome video!!!




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