Emily’s Huge & Noisy Mess In Her Baby Diaper While Playing On The Floor

Emily's Huge & Noisy Mess In Her Baby Diaper While Playing On The Floor

One of the most fart-filled and largest poops I’ve ever witnessed!! And in a tiny little Pampers diaper at that! Little Emily…never failing to outdo herself…

Emily comes crawling into the room completely naked…not even a diaper…and starts romping around, playing with the toys, showing off that absolutely amazing little body of hers!

Enter Natalia. She announces that its time for Emily to poop! And to help speed along Natalia injects her naked little butt with a mini enema. And Emily happily poses her butt right up close in perfect view to watch it empty into her bum. And then she gets diapered into a little baby diaper. She’s such a perfect fit!

And little Emily goes right back to romping around and playing. Dry humping Natalia’s giant inflatable penis! Ha!

It doesn’t take long at all for it to kick in. Emily actually had to poo before the enema! She turns around and starts to push.

FART!!! A large gush fills her diaper! And more! And more! And more! Lots and lots of farting and pooping! Its very liquidy as it comes rushing into her diaper…

She poos and poos and poos some more. Farting a lot with every push. And there’s a lot of pushes. She turns her head so you can watch her adorable facial expressions as she loads her diaper.

She squeals! She fills her diaper so full! And that little Pampers hold up! A very visible brown stain forms on the edges…

A huge load forms in her diaper & it sags…and then she wets it…

Emily giggles. She’s so proud of the load she’s created! She plays in it, squishing it in before rolling around in it.


Amazing video!! Enjoy 😉



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