Fionna Makes A Huge, Sexy, Messy Poo In Her Diaper In Your Face POV

DpMFionnaMessesSexyDiarrheaInUrFace DpMFionnaMessesSexyDiarrheaInUrFace2

Here’s a video that I’ve received so many requests for!

Fionna’s wearing an adorable Snuggies and it fits her oh-so well. She’s gonna make a great big mess for you!

She rubs herself all over and glides her hands over her diaper and her extremely hot body. She’s been saving up her mess for you. She gets nice and up close & personal as she lets it all go. Right in your face.

She pumps back and forth as she gets ready to go. SOOO sexy!!!

Her tummy gurgles let her know that it might come out a bit runny. And it turns out it sure is!

And then it’s time. She gets so up close to you and lets it all out! And what a huge brown mess she makes!!

A long awaited video and so worth the wait!! You’re not gonna wanna miss this one for sure!!



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