Fionna Poops Her Diaper In Your Face POV

Fionna Shits In Your Face POV

The gorgeous & voluptuous redheaded diapergirl, Fionna has been holding in her poop all day waiting for you…and now that you’re here, she’s gonna poop right close up in front of you & then she’s gonna shove it in your face!

She sticks her diaper right in your face as she pushes out the first turd. Then she shoves it right-in-your-face even more & smothers you with it.

But there’s more. She pushes out more stinky poo into her Aww So Cute diaper & again shoves that in your face. She makes you to smell it…to breathe it in…because you’re such a stinky poo boy perv…

And even more mess…she knows how much you’re enjoying this so she loads her diaper for you and continues to shove it in your face.

Awesome clip!

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