Fionna’s Morning Mess In Her Diaper While Texting Pics To Her New Diapered Friend


Fionna ran into a hot guy at the mall and it turned out that he’s a fan of this site and recognized Fionna immediately! They chatted for awhile before exchanging numbers and they’ve been texting ever since!

Fionna’s casually drinking her morning coffee while diapered and texting her new diapered “friend”. She’s giggling like a schoolgirl while texting back & forth with him.

The coffee is doing what coffee often does and suddenly she has to poop! She texts him a little note about it with the smiling poop emoji. He wants to see it.

She’s a little embarrassed at first but figures what the heck? She takes pictures of herself filling her diaper with her massive load of morning poo and texts them to him.

Great reaction to what he texts back!


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