Fun Diaper Friends! Savannah Wets Her Diaper For The Very First Time & Natalia Makes Her Cum In It


Savannah wears her diaper so well! Dang! She looks HOT in it!

And now she has to pee. She asks for the bathroom but Natalia quickly informs her that the bathroom’s off limits – these diapers are super absorbent and she is to use it.

“What??” Savannah cries out! “You didn’t tell me that was part of it!”

But it is. Of course it is.

Savannah has a bit of a hard time peeing in the diaper for the first time while being watched and has to turn her back to Natalia to get it out. Natalia laughs at her.

She’s surprised by the feeling of her wet diaper and has such a cute reaction to it!

But Natalia has another surprise for her. She whips out the big, powerful Hitachi vibrator!

Savannah can’t believe she’s getting Hitachied in her own pee and in a diaper! The sensation is unbelievable and Savannah has such great reactions to it!

It doesn’t take her long at all to have a massive orgasm! SO HOT!!!


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