Gorgeous Diaper Girls Abby And Lacey Both Get Enemas And Mess Their Diapers Together As A Challenge

OMG! So much happening in this video, you’re definitely not gonna wanna miss this one!!!

Lacey has never had an enema before! And she’s quite nervous! Abby tries to talk her through it but Natalia comes in with her very full, dual 2 qt enema bags and makes sure that she embarrasses Lacey even more than she already is!

But now they’re ready! Natalia lubes up both of the enema nozzles and has the girls bend over with their tushees in the air to take position! Now they’re really ready! Natalia sticks the nozzles in the girls booties and fills them up full of water! One girls’ bum sucked up all the water significantly faster than the other girl’s did. Can you guess which one?

Once their bums are nice and full and their tummies bulging with so much fluid and poo it’s time for them to be diapered to get ready for them to expel the messy fluid. But not until Natalia says that it’s ok to release it…

And then it’s time. You can clearly hear the fluid spray into the diaper at such a high speed as their diapers quickly turn brown along the outer lining. Both girls giggle as they mess their diapers together. They are absolutely loving being such messy diaper girl friends like this! And my, do they ever create such huge messes in their diapers!!!

These girls are so cute together! Such a fantastic video!!!



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