Gorgeous Diaper Girls: Nikki Changes Piper’s Diaper & Discusses The Wonders Of Diaper Play

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Piper has wet her diaper without any prompting. She’s so proud of herself! And she’s actually really liking it!

Nikki comes in to join her and Piper tells her all about it. Nikki knows it all so well. And now she’s about to get yet another new experience! Nikki’s going to change her dirty diaper for her!

Piper’s excited for it. She is more than happy to have her diaper changed for her!

Nikki takes off her wet diaper and wipes Piper nice and clean. She pours lots of baby powder on her pussy and they discuss how wonderful wearing diapers is for them! Piper is put into a DC Amor diaper and she can definitely tell the difference between this one and the Molicare that she was wearing.

Piper has a date later and is considering wearing her diaper to the movies with the guy she’s going to be seeing. See if Nikki can talk her into it!

Cute video!


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