Gorgeous Diaper Girls Nikki & Sunshine Both Fart & Mess Their Diapers Together For You POV

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Nikki and Sunshine have been hanging out and playing in their diapers when they decided to give you a little treat. They’re gonna mess their diapers together… Just. For. You. And they’re going to give themselves mini enemas to make sure it happens quickly.

They squeeze the mini enemas up their bums and tease you a little with their sexiness as it kicks in.

It doesn’t take long for Sunshine’s to kick in! She messes first and farts so much as she messes! Then Nikki can’t hold it in anymore and lets it loose. Her diaper sags as she messes so much!

Sunshine messes some more and farts so much! Thick, juicy ones too!

Suuuuch a fun and incredibly sexy double messing video with two of your favorite diaper girls!!!


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