Gorgeous Fionna Has Such A Fun Diapered Bathtime – Until Her Diaper Explodes!


It’s time for Fionna’s bath! And this time she’s gonna wear her diaper in the bathtub. How exciting!

Natalia has all sorts of fun things to play with and explore while taking her bath. She plays with roll on scented bath paints which she scribbles all over herself and the walls. So much fun! And what a mess she makes of herself. Good thing Natalia’s there to wash it off of her.

Then Natalia sprinkles in some special powder that turns the water pink and turns it into goo. It’s really rather weird and is somewhat similar to the gel that you find inside a wet diaper. What fun it is to play with and try to clean a pretty little diaper girl in!

What an even bigger mess though! And sitting in the water for awhile makes Fionna’s diaper swell so huge! It swells in places diapers don’t normally swell when you simply wet it and it creates such a new, strange feeling that Fionna’s never experienced before.

But when she stands up to really check it out better the diaper erupts and falls off her! And Fionna’s reaction is awesome!!


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