Gorgeous Little Piper Changes Into A Fresh Diaper After Showering

DpMPiperPostShowerDiaper3 DpMPiperPostShowerDiaper DpMPiperPostShowerDiaper2

Little Piper is just SO gorgeous!!!

Piper opted to take a shower after she got done messing her diaper and comes out of the bathroom in just a towel and is in need of a fresh diaper! However no one is around to put one on for her.

“It’s just a diaper. It’s not rocket science.” She comments to herself as she begins to put a diaper on herself for the very first time.

Although the Molicare does seem to confuse her a little with it’s double tabs. It’s rather cute watching her struggle with them. She still does a pretty good job and gets it on nice and snug. =)

Piper is so dang HOT!!!


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