Gorgeous Savannah Is Made To Mess Her Diaper For The First Time

DpMSavannahSupposN1stDiaperMess DpMSavannahSupposN1stDiaperMess2

Savannah’s still in her wet diaper when Natalia walks in.

“I think it’s time for you to experience your very first diaper mess,” Natalia tells her.

“I already did that, remember?” Savannah tells her.

“No, you went number one. Now it’s time for you to go number 2!”

“What?!?” Savannah’s startled by this suggestion. She was NOT expecting that! “But I don’t have to go.”

“Who do you think you’re talking to? I can make you go,” Natalia laughs as she grabs the big jar of suppositories.

Savannah’s never even heard of such a thing before. And she definitely doesn’t want to do this.

But, of course, Natalia gives her no choice. She gets the suppository shoved up her bum. And then another.

“So how long’s it been since you’ve pooped?” Natalia asks her.

“What?!? I’m not telling you that! That’s private!” Savannah squawks. She’s so adorable.

So with her butt hole completely violated, Savannah has no choice but to let them kick in. And the waiting game begins.

The banter between these two is hilarious. An absolute must see!

And before too long the time comes. Savannah messes her diaper. What a reaction!!

Awesome video!!!


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