Happy Little Diaper Girl Zoe Now Must Cum In Her Very Wet Diaper While Locked In The High Chair


Zoe sure does love diaper play! What a happy, happy girl!

Zoe has been locked in the high chair and has already cum in her diaper multiple times. But then she peed and now she’s in a very wet diaper. It’s time for her to learn the difference between cumming in a dry diaper and a very wet one. It really is a very different experience – as Zoe’s about to find out.

Natalia comes at her with the powerful vibrator and it takes no time at all for her to reach her first orgasm. But just when she thinks it’s over Natalia comes at her even harder with the vibrator and it becomes just too much for her to handle!

Oh my! What HUGE orgasms little Zoe has!


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