Happy Little Zoe’s Very First Enema & Diaper Mess

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Zoe’s never had an enema before. But she’s about to experience it for the first time!

She’s completely naked at first and waiting for Natalia to put a fresh diaper on her. But Natalia tells her that she’s gonna get an enema first. Zoe has no idea what she’s in for.

She bends over in preparation and Natalia shoves the enema nozzles up her bum and fills her full of a nice saline solution. This is going to be a nice mess.

Natalia instructs Zoe to let it soak in for a minute before letting her release it to make it extra effective. Zoe complies.

And then it’s time to expel it. Zoe begins to poo uncontrollably.

Zoe can’t believe how much she poos and how it just never seems to stop! The brown mess soaks through to the diaper lining and becomes very visible. And Zoe’s tummy begins to feel so much better and so cleaned out!

What a big mess! Zoe is so surprised by what she’s experiencing! She’s so embarrassed yet tries so hard to play it cool. Its so fun to watch!


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