Hot Teens Nikki & Katarina Both Mess Their Diapers After Getting Inspired By A Book

Cutie teen Katarina is quietly reading a book by herself when she discovers little buttons on the side of the book that makes fart noises. It’s so funny! She giggles adorably and keeps pushing the different buttons which make different noises. Soon enough her own tummy starts to grumble and she realizes that listening to all the farting has induced her bowels and now she has to mess! She sits up and starts to fill her diaper full.

Just as she’s finished her friend, Nikki walks in and catches her messing her diaper. She’s shocked! Katarina explains that this book that she’s playing with makes you want to mess your diaper. Nikki doesn’t believe her at all and Katarina is determined to prove that it really works!

Katarina starts going through the different fart noises and Nikki starts to realize that just as the sounds of a waterfall can make you feel the need to pee, this book is making her want to poop! It’s undeniable!

Nikki leans forward and starts to mess her own diaper as Katarina continues to play the sounds. They also make farts of their own with their little bums! 

Great video with both these two hot diapered teens messing their diapers!


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