Hottie Diapered Teens Get Caught Catfighting Over A Toy & Get Their Punishment

DpMKatarinaNikkiDiaperedCatfightingOverToy1 DpMKatarinaNikkiDiaperedCatfightingOverToy02 DpMKatarinaNikkiDiaperedCatfightingOverToy2 DpMKatarinaNikkiDiaperedCatfightingOverToy3

Ooooh! They’re gonna get in trouble…

Nikki and Katarina are sweetly playing with toys when Nikki finds a new little vibrator in the toy box. She shows it to Katarina and they test it out and finds it amazing! What a powerful vibe!

Oh, Nikki can’t wait to try it out! But neither can Katarina. They seem to have a disagreement about who gets to get off first! (Typical.)

Then the wrestling match begins.

Nikki and Katarina begin grappling, wrestling, pulling hair, rolling around, pushing and shoving, boobie poking, slapping, and spanking each other…these girls just won’t let up! Over and over again and they just keep going!

Finally Natalia walks in and catches them. They start yelling and blaming each other for their fight. Natalia can’t even make out what they’re saying and she doesn’t care. They’re both misbehaving horribly. They both need to be punished.

“Bend over.” Natalia tells them. Yet still they refused to at first. That’s just not happening. Natalia grabs a riding crop and swat each of them with it. Then they get spanked.

But they still are going at it. Natalia sends them each to different corners for a time out.

Naughty, naughty.


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