Hottie Diapergirl Abby Gets A 2 Qt Enema & Has Such A Great Reaction While Expelling It

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Abby sure wasn’t expecting any of this!

Abby calls Natalia in ready for her diaper change. But Natalia has something else in mind first. She wheels in a very full 2 quart enema bag.

Abby doesn’t even know what an enema is. Natalia gives her a very brief explanation and Abby’s reluctant but willing. Good girl!

Abby questions what position Natalia wants her in and she rolls back on her back with her ass high up in the air. “That’s a good position to be in for this.” Natalia tells her.

“Does it go in my vagina?” Abby questions. She still doesn’t get it.

“Nope. It goes in your ass.”

Abby’s surprised but still willing. This is going to happen!

Natalia sticks the nozzle up Abby’s bum and releases the valve. “OH SHIT!!!!” Abby exclaims.

“Not yet! Wait until we’re done with this & we get a diaper on you!”

The water quickly drains into Abby’s colon in this position and Natalia quickly gets a diaper on her. She chooses a Bambino Bellisimo for the release as they usually hold up to an enema release better than even a Dry 24/7.

Abby gets into position and Natalia tells her she can now expel the enema. Abby starts to let it go. “Oh GAWD!” Abby was not expecting this kind of sensation!

“There’s so much!!!” Abby can’t believe she’s doing this.

Abby’s adorable. And this video shows just how cute this little diaper girl can be as she’s pooping! And her messy diaper waddle just takes the cake!


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