Hottie Emily Makes A Huge & Runny Mess While Playing Under The Activity Gym

DpMEmilyRunnyMessPlayingUnderMobile DpMEmilyRunnyMessPlayingUnderMobile2 DpMEmilyRunnyMessPlayingUnderMobile3 DpMEmilyRunnyMessPlayingUnderMobile4

Little Emily is having a fun time playing under the activity gym – all nice and naked, except for her diaper – when she realizes she has to poo!

She looks so hot and she just can’t hold it in! So she starts to poo. First while laying down then on all fours…she switches from position to position to get it all out!

And what a sloppy, wet mess! She really fills that diaper so full! The dark wetness immediately soaks through to the outer plastic of the diaper.

SQUIRT! Its just so much and it keeps coming out! You can clearly hear the rumbling and squirting of everything going on inside the diaper.

What a huge mess! But this messy diaper lover just loves it too much. She can’t help but giggle and play with it.


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