Hottie Little Emily Gives You A Sexy Striptease Down To Her Diaper Then Makes A HUGE Mess In It

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Emily is sooooo cute and sooooo sexy!!!

She comes in wearing her work clothes and slyly lets you know that she’s wearing a diaper underneath! But now that she’s home from work she’s gotta poo! She definitely wants out of her work clothes before she messes and decides to give you a fun and VERY sexy striptease as she removes them, one-by-one.

She shows off her incredibly sexy body and her perfect diapered butt as she gets ready to finally mess her diaper for the first time today!

And then it’s time. Are you ready? Emily gets down into a good position to push out her mess and fill her diaper.

So much mess! Her diaper starts to sag. Emily loves messing her diaper so much that she can’t help but to touch and play with her pussy a little as she pushes it out. She sooo loves the way it feels to fill her diaper with her mess.

Now that she has this huge mess in her diaper she can’t wait to squish and rub it in…and pose for you. She so loves when you watch her.


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