Hottie Teen Katarina Is Astonished When Nikki Makes A Huge Mess In Her Diaper Right Next To Her!

DpMKatarinaNikkiMessesKSurprisedReacts DpMKatarinaNikkiMessesKSurprisedReacts2

These two diapered teens are having fun with their first diapered play date! They’re enjoying playing with toys in the nursery, being oh-so cute together when Nikki drops a bombshell! Or something like that…

“Excuse me for just a minute,” Nikki says as she turns around and starts to poo! Katarina looks at her confused at first by what she’s doing and tries not to notice the giant bulge forming in Nikki’s diaper!

Katarina confronts her once she’s done and yes! Sure enough. Nikki pooped in her diaper! Right in front of her!

Katarina just can’t believe Nikki just did that. The conversation and facial expressions that follows is priceless.

Great video!!


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