Hottie Teen Katarina Layers On Many Diapers & Has So Much Fun While Trying On Outfits Over Them

DpMKatarinaLayersManyDiapersTriesOutfits1 DpMKatarinaLayersManyDiapersTriesOutfits2 DpMKatarinaLayersManyDiapersTriesOutfits3

Count how many diapers Katarina layers on! And it just makes her waddle so darned cute!

After Katarina tried double diapering for the first time she’s hooked! She just loves the feeling of so much padding between her legs and how full it makes her backside look!

Now she’s experimenting with many layers of diapers and absolutely loves everything about it! She puts another diaper on, tries on outfits over it, dances and moves about and repeat!

So cute!


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