Hottie Teen Nikki Gets Caught In A Messy Diaper In Public By A Stranger

DpMNikkiCaughtInMessyDiaperStrangerTeased DpMNikkiCaughtInMessyDiaperStrangerTeased2

Uh-oh! BUSTED!!!

Nikki’s hanging out on a park bench in a public park after messing her diaper, not quite ready to change out of it yet, when a stranger happens to walk by.

As he approaches he notices what she’s wearing and just can’t believe what he’s seeing! A grown girl wearing a diaper?!? In public at that?!?

Oh, he takes every opportunity to tease relentlessly and completely humiliate her. Nikki tries so hard to play it cool and brush off the teasing but he just doesn’t let up! And it only gets worse once he realizes that she has a large, wet mess in the back of her diaper!

She struggles to get her skirt on to help hide her messy diaper from him but he still just won’t let up! Nikki’s so embarrassed! What a nightmare!

Awesome video!!!


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