Hottie Teen Twinsies, Katarina & Nikki Change Each Others’ Diapers

DpMKatarinaNikkiChangeEaOthersDiapers DpMKatarinaNikkiChangeEaOthersDiapers2 DpMKatarinaNikkiChangeEaOthersDiapers3

These two teen diaper girls are just SO HOT!!!

Both girls have wet their diapers and now it’s time for them to change each other in fresh ones!

Nikki takes good control of the situation and Katarina has such a fun reaction to the whole thing! The giggles that come out of these two through the changing is just awesome!

“This is how friendships are built” They giggle.

Katarina loves her big, oversized diaper and admires how nice it feels. She’s rubbing it and loving it when Nikki asks to be changed too.

Katarina does a really good job changing Nikki – especially since she has zero experience with such a task. Hilarity ensues as they get to the baby powdering…

Once both girls are in their fresh diapers they show them off to each other and react to their new diapers.

Great video!!


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