Hotties Abby & Lacey Both Take Turns Riding The Sybian & Are Amazed By Their Orgasms!

Lacey has never ridden a Sybian before! Nor has she ever had a diapered orgasm! Boy, is she ever in for a treat!

Abby starts out on the controls while Lacey climbs aboard. But it’s not long before Natalia takes over the controls. Oh, the facial expressions that Lacey makes are absolutely precious! She just can’t believe how intense it is!

Then it’s Abby’s turn. Abby climbs onto the Sybian as Natalia takes control. Abby absolutely FREAKS OUT as she cums over & over!

Then Lacey goes again. Yup, she hasn’t had enough yet. Abby holds her down onto it while Natalia makes her scream as she cums over and over!

Full. Body. Convulsions!


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