Injured And Bedridden, Humiliated Abby Has To Mess In An Adult Diaper

Poor Abby! She was in an accident and is in a lot of pain! She can’t even get out of bed by herself! She has a hired nurse helping her out while bedridden but the nurse insisted that Abby wears an adult diaper just in case she wasn’t able to get to her in time for her to help her get up to use the restroom.

The time has come and Abby really has to go poop. She yells for the nurse to come help her out of bed so she can use the toilet but there’s no response. The poo-poo cramps become overwhelming and soon enough, Abby can’t hold it in anymore. She messes in her diaper.

It’s so painful for her to poop in such a state! Abby is utterly humiliated. Now she’ll have to endure a diaper change as well.


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