Itty Bitty AB Alyssa Makes A Runny Mess In Her Diaper While Playing With Her Dolly

DpMAlyssaPOVBabyTalkMess4U DpMAlyssaPOVBabyTalkMess4U2

(Suck, suck, suck) Little Alyssa is sucking away on her thumb when she realizes she has to make a mess in her diaper. She plays with her little dolly as she begins to push it out.

The dolly is wearing a diaper too and Alyssa checks it to see if she made a mess in her diaper yet.

Nope, none for the dolly, but Alyssa’s making a BIG mess!

Alyssa pushes and pushes some more. She continues talking in baby talk as she pushes out her huge load and mushes it into her bum.

Super cute video!


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