Itty Bitty Alyssa Makes A Big, Runny Mess In Her Diaper For You POV

DpMAlyssaPOVMesses4UBear DpMAlyssaPOVMesses4UBear2 DpMAlyssaPOVMesses4UBear3 DpMAlyssaPOVMesses4UBear4

Ohhhh…Alyssa! You asked for more Alyssa and here she is!!!

She has to make a poopy! And she’s gonna mess her diaper just-for-you.

She’s almost ready. She shows herself off a bit and shows you her tiny little physique as she gets ready to mess.

But then it’s time. She turns around and shows you her little diapered butt and tries to get it out.

She pushes and pushes and fills her diaper full! Then she has to wet her diaper too! And when her pee and poo mixes it makes for one sloppy, brown mess that expands across the plastic of her diaper!

What a mess! Alyssa is soooo cute as she messes for you. especially when she starts posing in her messy diaper!



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